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I also feel the need to rant about EQ2.

Or at least one player of said game.

I wound up in a Crucible group that was half Red Welkin, a new and up and coming raid guild on the server, including their conjuror. This guy. I took one look at him and his mythical pet and went Welp, I'm gonna get my ass kicked on the parse. Just from that one item alone he should have 2k dps on me, and he's got pieces of his tier two shard armor and one piece of the raid set and holy shit this is nice. Then I looked at his jewelry, which had a lot of spell crit on it, but not much reuse or pet buffs. But I shrugged. Maybe when you're raiding you don't need to buff the already uber pet more.

And then we entered the zone.

I knew something was wrong when, on the first group pull, all the mobs ran past the tank and started wailing on on the pet. The tank blamed it on his lag and I resolved to give him a second or two to get hate before opening up. Not my rival conj. Not him. He'd send his pet in before the mobs got to the tank. But, it's a mythical pet. It's got more HP and mitigation than he and I combined and a raid geared templar has enough raw healing power to keep the pet with two mobs on it, the tank with one mob on it, and at least two people wearing chokers mostly in the yellow.

We wiped once, but other than that, fairly throughly ripped the zone a new one. Even when I was on the wrong side of a room getting quest updates when the fights started. We said our thankyous and ran around clicking on things for quests and then... then I went to look at the parse to see if there was anything this raiding conj in gear that's mostly superior to mine could teach me...

I consider myself to be a slightly above average player of the conjuror class. I'm far from perfect and I know a lot of my own bad habbits, but I study the guids put out by the friendly raiding conjies and test my gear and such. I've got a fairly good grasp of the basics (pre-buff pet, wait for pull, send pet in, spam fast spells and then rotate in others while waiting for them to refresh.) That's the easy stuff. Knowing which spells to cycle in, knowing not to use the long recast spells near the end of the fight, that stuff I'm not so good at.

... This guy.

... This guy.

He... well, look at it this way. I was expecting him to outparse me by 3-5 THOUSAND damage per second just based on his gear alone.


He suck eggs and being a conjuror.

He beat me by 1.2k. Half of that HALF of that was a single proc of a piece of gear I'm saving up to buy. He wasn't spamming the right spells. He had his damage shield up on the tank. (This is counter intuitive, but the reason this is bad is that the damage shield gives hate to the conjuror instead of the tank, and when the tank is trying to body pull it can social agro problems.) He wasn't using his melee proc on the melee chars (I know because I had mine on them) His casting order is simply atrocious. But, because of his gear, he did more damage than I did and the fact that he kept screwing up and sending his pet in too early didn't matter because his pet could both take the hits and cause more damage than him. (51% if I'm adding this right, I'm sitting at 28%)

Anyway, I'm absolutly boggled and all the people who I want to talk to about this are asleep.

I got a very, very nice item out of the zone, but I'm just boggling at the incompetence of this player. It just goes to show ... something. I'm not sure what. Maybe I should start beliving people when the say I'm actually pretty good at the class.


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