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My Brother: You know, Wachowski brothers need to make a Western with Matrix style effects...
Me: Only without any Jesus refrences, at al- Hey wait, Reboot already did that.
My brother: They did?
Me: Yeah, the best episode ever: The Episode With No Name.
My brother: Uh... I don't...
Me: Gun: Deathblossom Mode.
My brother: Oh... OH! Right.

So yeah, he's here for a week, borrowing my car and my computer and that's cool.
What's not so cool is that next week I'm trying to get my wisdom teeth out for the third time and hoping I don't have a horrible life threatening allergic reaction to anything this time. And while I'm normaly a pretty, okay, extreemly laid back kind of guy I can feel my stress levels going up and it's not so fun. Mostly my body wants more sleep, but I've also, as anybody who's tried to talk to me in the past few days has probably noticed turned into an EVEN BIGGER flake than normal.

Also, had a sort of nifty dream last night that was part text, part PS1 ere low poly count RPG.

There was this evil/not evil because it's fate and somebody has to do it, but still enjoys her job waay too much witch who had to raise and train the great heroes and villains of the ages. One of the characters was this super nice kid, but everywhere he went distruction followed in the form of a pillar of black energy. It only moved at a walking pace, but if he got too far ahead of it it'd start taking the shortest path between itself and him and he had to sleep on this rotating hammock thing that moved at the same speed as the pillar. Another character was well This character with This characters fasion sense. She was supposed replace the witch at some point in the future, but when the time came she wasn't ready yet... so the witch told the laws of conservation of energy, and all the rest of physics to go screw themeselves and sent the character back in time so she could finish teaching her. ... Interactions between the two versions of the character were weird to watch the older one would give cryptic pieces of advice or pieces of equipment and I think she was getting graded on how well she didn't tell her younger self what was going to happen.


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