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But holy shit awesome if this is real.
Also I hate crappy internet connections.
Thanks Megan.
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So, I promised that I'd finally explain enigmatic posts from earlier in the year next post; I lied.

Instead I'm going to vent about this morning, although venting about this morning starts around 9:30 last night just after I decided that I'd done enough procrastinating and should finish my English homework 12 hours before class started. This was also the time that Dre decided that he'd had enough of Ard being sick, numb, and lethargic, so, I being the only other person in the house with a drivers licence and the knowladge that Ard's heath > my grades volunteered to drive them to the emergancy room. 5 hours later it was far too early in the morning and Ard didn't have strep, and if she was still feeling this way in a week she should come back. Also, thanks to watching the weather channel for five hours, we knew that the area was due for a few inches of snow and my car had iced over. During this time I talked to Dre about just skipping my 9:30 English class.

I checked for canceled classes when I got home, saw none and did my home work.

I slept.

I woke up and checked for canceled classes and saw none.

I scraped out my car, checked for canceled classes, and saw none.

I bought gas, drove to school on black ice (only slipped once!) and found my English class canceled.




Oh, and on that note I'm off to devour brains like the sleep deprivation zombie I am.
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Back in SoCal.

Too tired/emotionaly drained to deal with people.

Will be back online tomorrow night after much sleep.

Sorry about the missed games.

Real post about goings on and nifty dream I had to come later after sleep.
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My life, my characters lives, everybodies lives. I don't know where things end, but man it's going to be a wild ride.


Dec. 6th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Ganked from World+dog

I'm technically taking it twice here with two sets of five because I'm a) insane b) have too many incarnations of Taki because well... see a)

Group 1) All Taki, all the time!
Arcana-Taki: The original, a character I spent too long trying to match personalities and powers for and as
such had a lot of ideas left over. She's the Knight of Cups, bi-curious, and a Japanese high-school

S.A.B. Taki: The original, only older, more powerful and clinically depressed. Also wound up with a kid
because of SCIENCE!! and you can't argue with SCIENCE!!

W.N.N.-Taki: What happens if you take away everything somebody loves? What happens where there is
no hope left for redemption? What happens when a player thinks up a power-set his char wouldn't
use under normal conditions? She's stuck on another planet now.

Tim: The aforementioned kid. He's working for the British Home For Incompetent Super Heroes, also
known as the Supernatural Affairs Branch. Also dating a demon.

Ana: In another place, in another time, leading another life with another name... but can you ever truly
escape yourself? This is the life of Ana, a street punk from New Jersey. This is her story.

Group 2) A random assortment of others.
Ten2: A possessed doll who worked for the British Government as part of an undercover group of
vigilantes dedicated to saving the world and/or just getting paid on time. Now she's sold her
likeness back to her original manufacturer and is living the high-life. In cyberspace that is.

Yushiro Hida: Big, Strong, Smarter than he gives himself credit for. It's his clans duty to protect the empire
from horrible creatures from behind.

Neisis: A geneticaly-unstable life-form created to defend humanity from... something the records aren't
exactly clear why her race was made, but she'll live every moment she can.

Terry Phelps: Moved to Key West with his parents from California, spends his time with his best friend
forever Meri playing games, roller blading around, and trying to protect the environment.

Keika: An enigmatic and blind pirate from a post apocalyptic future.

It's MEME time ladies and germs! )
*edited because I stuck the wrong words in the wrong chars mouth.
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I should be working right now, but I can't. SoCal's on fire. SoCal is very much HOLY FUCK HURICANE FORCE WINDS + BRUSH FIRE ========= BAD END ON FIRE, and my parents live within 20 miles of two of the fires.

The good news is that at least one of the firebomber pilots has balls made of solid titanium. And my parents haven't been evacuated yet.
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I glanced through my recent posts and felt the need to say:

Today didn't suck, nothing went wrong, and I enjoy sleeping in till noon.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 01:23 pm
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I'm not going to start this post off by saying this week has sucked, because it hasn't; Sunday was a great day, Monday was fun... However, Tuesday blew goats and today has been a downgrade to ugly, smelly, and angry goats.
It's just that one of the classes I have fun in got cancled yesterday because the power went out at the school and in the finest traditions of post-modern archetecture they decided that they didn't need windows in the classrooms because they had these new fangled electric lights.
It's just that I started nodding off in the middle of playing one of my 'smart' characters.
It's just that I had a dream about waking up this morning.
It's just that I was late to my 9 AM English class.
It's just that that was the third tardy after two absense.
It's just that 4 was the total number of those combined you can have before the teacher flunks you.
It's just that I forgot my 3-D teacher had a confrence today.
It's just that part of my clay bust broke when somebody else moved it.

Usualy I can just smile and shrug and say "Such is life" there's always tommorrow, and there still will be, I just don't feel like smiles right now.
I just want today over with.


Jul. 26th, 2007 11:22 am
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On Monday my parents realized that they forgot to rent a car to take to the airport on Tuesday and I volunteered to drive them. I figured, hey, an excuse to go visit haunts in The Valley I haven't visited in forever and hit the Fry's in Burbank, which is an old syle Fry's, as opposed to what I've dubbed the New-Fry's. Which are compleatly identicle cloned stores with actual customer service, it's an abobination I tell you. Anyway, I discovered that I realy should have made sure that more of the stores I planned to visit, you know, still existed. It's a pain in the ass to drive for an hour and a half to get to a shopping center only to discover that the bookstore you planned to visit is now a clothing store in progress, and to find the anime store's entire building is under new managment and they kicked ALL the tenants out to remodle. Which is kinda hilarious given that the GoodGuys was under construction for months to remodle before I left. Somewhere along the line I stopped for a beef bowl. Also Anime Plus still exists! Yay, they even got me my fix of cractackular Shoujo Manga On todays episode of As The WTF turns Mokoto takes up cross dressing when it's revealed that her incestiously obsessed older sister isn't dead, just shipped off to relatives after getting hit by a car and developing amnesia.

I starded not feeling so great so I drove home and started to read, got interupted by a rather urgent and unpleasant trip to the bath room, vowed to not eat at that restruant again as soon as I remembered what the name was, and got back to reading. At some point it seemed lik a realy good idea to take a nap.
When I woke up I had several questions to answer, like:
Why am I sleeping on the couch?
Why is it dark?
Why don't I care that ND's going to kill me for having just slept through his game?
What's on TV?
Why does it all suck?
Did I finishing reading this?
Why did I just wake up again?
How fast should I run for the bathroom?

Wednesday was like that too, only without the bathrom breaks and much more randomly falling asleep. I usualy don't take naps, they're usualy, like, once every two months occorances. I think I got a decade's worth of catnaps in.

Today's a bit better, but I've still just gotten back from the twelfth fourteenth or so interuption of my writing this and I'm still tired, but I also ate something today.

*deleates rant about RPchars because he's totaly lost coherancy and is tangenting*
I'm gonna call it here.
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I am the also going back to sleep untill I feel less like shit. G'night everbody.
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That is all.
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So, I couldn't get online at all yesterday, the connection at the hanger was out, the one here decided it was going to go from restarting itself every minute to restarting every thirty seconds, cable people should show up this afternoon to scratch their heads over it some more... but anyway, out of force of habbit I tried to check a webcomic this afternoon and it went through, and I boggled a bit, and then I went to see if ND had exploded and/or sent me death threats for missing his game yesterday and not being able to tell him that I was going to miss his game ... at which point I discovered that my roommates in Charleston are now going out. Which isn't compleatly mindboggling to anybody who's ever seen them around eachother (I mean, honestly when we go out shopping people think they're married) but mindboggling to anybody who knows Dre because he's gay. Very very gay, and Ard's most definatly female. So I'm pondering this post and notice that there's a 'comment so we know you know' tag at the bottom of the post, which I click on... and the internet promptly dies... *takes a break from writing to copy/pasta this into a text file for when that happens again* So I spend half an hour futzing around and plugging things in and unplugging them and restarting things and I've got an internet for now... and now the meat of this post.

I was origionaly going to friends lock this, but then I realized that'd be pointless, I mean, everybody involved is friended to this journal and if I didn't want people to read/know I wouldn't post it, and of all the people in the world who might care, the only one who doesn't have this journal friended already knows.

Several years ago I got an offer just about identicle to the one I accepted from Ard and Dre, but there were two huge and dealbreaking differences, 1) I had a bigger crush on Megan than I do on Ard and 2) Instead of the male roommate being gay, he was(and still is) Megan's Fiancee (also SET A DATE YOU TWO!!)

*gets interupted by the arrival of the cable guy*

Ah-hem, back to the point, I turned down that offer despite it being in a part of the state I realy want to be in because it was just too damn awkward. And now I find myself looking forward to a slightly less awkward, but infinantly more sitcom-like version of the same situation. And it's not like I didn't have ample warning of it coming, I just never thought it'd move past best friendship.

So, while the sit-com solution to this would be an attempt to seduce Dre away from Ard so I can have her to myself, I'm just going to say congrats you two and that Irony is a twisted and patient bastard, whom I salute.


Jun. 7th, 2007 11:06 am
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First up, the reason I'm actualy getting off my ass and posting: I had a dream last night, it was made of awesome and win and million dollar special effects budgets. It was the summer blockbuster of dreams... Which also means that the plot was something around the lines of boy starfighter meets girl mechanic with starfighter made of awesome and plot devices, they fight huge alien ships with awesome disintigration rays, there is much awesome. Also, my subconcious belives that spaceships fly like airplanes... awesome airplanes.

Secondly, I'm back in SoCal. The midwest is a nice place to visit and to live for a bit, but man do I miss the mountains and the curvy roads and knowing where everything I need is.

Thirdly, I'm hungry and can't eat anything because my lips are still numb from having a small cavity drilled out this morning.

Fourthly, my mom backed her car into mine yesterday, I've got some paint scrapes but she dented a fender, not cool.

Fifthly, I got a ten day free trial for burning crusade that I'm messing around with. I'd forgotten how cartoony the graphics in WoW are, and what a pain it is to not have any bagspace when every other mob drops vendor trash... useless vendor trash at that. Also Also, the economy is compleatly screwed up. My level 14 hunter has more gold than levels and there's nothing to _buy_ at that level but bags, which my little brother's guildmates are lending me. I might log onto Kia later this week as hunters aren't as much fun as I remember 'locks being... but that whole whistle and get the pet back instantly thing? I hate all of the hunters, including my own. That's so (ch)easy compaird to what warlocks have to go through every time they want to travel. *EDIT* HOLY CRAP THEY FIXED WARLOCKS!! When did that happen? I summoned my pets to see what they looked like until I was down to one shard, then rode off to my favorte shard hunting zone, I swear unseens were put in the game just for leve 45-60 'locks who need something easy to kill for shards, an when I got there and got off the mount... Tangy showed back up! That's like, the reason I left WoW gone. o_o

Unfortunatly there's no reason for me to leave EQ2.
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Not that it didn't have the occasional good bits too, but the vast majority of the time was spent being different flavors of sick.Ard got very sick over the weekend and on Tuesday night my digestive system decided to evacutate out both ends. Wednesday was spent having a feaver, Thursday was spent being exausted and caughing, Friday was spent wishing I'd stayed home. Saturday... GORIOUS SATURDAY... morning. I SLEPT. And then I stayed up untill 3 am to watch it suddenly be 4 am because of Daylight Stupid. Somewhere in between I got one of those horrid phone calls that start "Your grandmother's biopsy results came back positive." She's got lung cancer and they're still going over treatment options with her.

I've changed my vacation plans from snagging airplane tickets home to driving up to Naperville to visit her as I'm 0 for 2 on getting good visits in with my grandparents as they're on their ways out and I've only got two left.

With any luck this week will be better, I've got the house to myself and am planning to go out tomorrow night and buy a toaster over + books, because you can never have enough books and I'm tired of dealing with the $10 pop-up toaster we're using now. Oh, and it's like, 20° warmer this week.
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Some people might know that I've moved out of California. And some of you might just now be finding out, but I'm in Illinois right now, living with two friends.
It's cold here. And grey. Although, just today we got blue sky for the first time in a week. Which is good, because I was starting to forget what a horizon was.

In other news I had 2.5 dreams last night, but I can only remember the first one and a half. The second dream was annoying, but now I can't remember why.

So, I'm part of Heroes of Rokugan A living campaign type thing. My char's name is Hida Yushiro, and he's big and heavy and made of wood. Well, not that last one but he's a bit thick in the head. Mostly because nobody ever taught him to think and he's never had any practice at it. He's a blast to play since, unlike 90% of characters he doesn't actually care all that much about Bushido, he just lives it, and gets into conflicts he doesn't know how to solve when his version and the one that everybody else tries to operate under clash. Somehow he keeps coming up on top, but I don't expect it to last forever.
Also, this being a living game, there are occasionally conventions for it where STUFF(tm) happens. There's one this weekend and part of the dream was set at one far in the future, or at least far enough for Yushiro to become somebody of some importance, instead of that crazy Crab that demanded a Matsu bride, and once charged back into a burning building to drag more people out.

Anyway, on to the dream, which mostly took place in an imperial courtyard that was at the same time the ballroom of a convention center. One one side was the Lion Clan and its allies, and on the other was the Unicorn and its. High ranking samurai on both sides were making impassioned speeches about why they should be charged with keeping the peace/allowed to fight other clans. Eventually I/Yushiro got sick up it and stepped up out of turn, and being a Crab I'd brought weapons, a katana and a tetsubo(big heavy club with spikes). I raised the sheathed sword and bellowed: "This is bloody claw of the Lion. This is the golden horn of the Unicorn. This is heart of the clans and the Empire. It was made for one reason: to cut. To cut death from life, dishonor from honor. It kills men." Then I set it down on the ground in front of me and hefted the tetsubo. "This is my heart, and the heart of the Crab. It is not elegant or beautiful, it is not clean, but I would have no other weapon between me and the shadowlands. There lies the enemy I will fight and no other." Then the perspective changed and Yushiro brought down his tetsubo onto the katana and shattered both it and the floor beneath it. And stormed out while everybody else was still too stunned to stop him. Once outside the room it was back to the me in the hotel version and a GM asked me to make a series of rolls to help determine how that outburst would be taken Getting a 73 on a 3k3 roll... probably won't happen outside of my dreams, but hey.

After that I wandered off to find [livejournal.com profile] ninjadebugger to get his help on my next char as I figured Yushi'd either get killed to protect the Crab honor or turned into an NPC. Don't ask me why he wasn't in the room when this was happening, it's a dream. Along the way I somehow stumbled into the .5 dream which was me talking to the replacement char. A Tsuruchi Archer. (Waits for ND to kill him three times.)
Notable exchanges from that conversation include:
RDM: Wait, you're just Keika with eyes, no angsty back-story, normal hair and a tea fetish!
Yumi: I'll have you know that I can achieve gratification without tea, although a nice cup afterwards...

RDM: Okay, I need to separate you from her, and I've got way too many bi-female characters as is, so pick one: guys or girls.
Yumi: Girls.
RDM: You exist to make my life difficult don't you?
Yumi: Think about it, I can share with Tsukino, we both go after all the Crane and the ones that turn out to be men she can keep and I'll take the ones that turn out to be women. It's perfect.
RDM: Can't go wrong etc etc.
Yumi: ... I'll put her in a box, and then put that in a bigger box, and mail it to myself, and when it arrives!! Nookie!
RDM: Right we're toning that down.
Yumi: You take all the fun out of being me.
RDM: Go drink your tea.
Yumi: Mhm, tea.
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I'm off to visit my realitives for American Thanksgiving and thus will have no steady internet acess untill next weekend, so, while I will print out all of my char sheets, there's no telling if I'll be able to play in any games. Although, this will be the first time in years that I won't be able to sneak away from the after-meal banter and forced dishwashing to go play Arcana...
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I woke up today. No, seriously, I've been stoned on anti-allergy meds since Wednesday morning and since then I've... Uh... handed my mother a packet of information on medical braclets, slept, pissed, ate, finaly got the A ending on Valk Profile, and pissed some more. And that was it. None of the other stuff I had hoped to still be able to do while in discomfort due to holes in jaw because I was just too far gone to do anything more complicated than follow a FAQ.

So, blargh! I have much work to do in RPG land!
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But not for lack of trying.

I went in yesterday to get my wisdom teeth extracted, about 14 years late, and during the prep for the sugery it was discovered that I'm now allergic to pennicillian! And by alergic I mean rashes and hives and chest pains and my lips swelling up like Gally/Alita from Gunnam/Battle Angel.

Bad prize.

Anyway, I survived.


Sep. 18th, 2006 06:48 am
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I was planning on making some sort of "State of the Ben Adress," but I've been massivly procrastinating on that. I still am. Short version, new car, new plan. I'll get around to posting eventualy. I'm being forced to make this post by the Day Fire. As this makes the second time ever I may be forced to evacuate my home due to onrushing wildfire. OCDers can check on its status here or here. I'm going to throw my computers in the back of my car before I go to work today, and hope the thousands of firefighters can get a handle on this one soon.

*edit* Looks like the wind is going to be blowing North, and directly away from Santa Paula. Uh... so I think it's safe for me to leave my stuff here for now. Further updates if the Santa Anas start blowing again.

Meme get

Jul. 31st, 2006 11:09 am
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Your Linguistic Profile:
55% General American English
15% Yankee
10% Dixie
10% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

You know what this meme needs? More options (read any) for those of us who live in the West. I mean it. There are South Western Accents, generic Western accents, North Western Accents. My over use of the word 'like' is not generic American English damnit. Maybe I'll stick it in as that missing 10% from the meme, because whoever put this thing together can't add.

Also, gangked from [livejournal.com profile] malkim and [livejournal.com profile] lirazel
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